How does air pollution affect our environment?

Published on 28 November 2011 in category : Article

Air pollution provides a huge environmental threat in many parts of the world. Air pollution includes a variety of chemicals and hazardous gases produced from our vehicles and our industrial facilities that make the air dirty. Motor vehicles are the largest source of air pollution, and in some Asian countries like India, China, Indonesia in the cities created a condition of air pollution is remarkable and uncontrollable generated by motor vehicles.

Air pollution has the effect of a truly negative impact on our environment, and the negative effect is most obvious negative effect on our health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2.4 million people die every year due to health problems that can be attributed to air pollution, most of the wide range of respiratory diseases, and partly from a heart condition.

Air pollution also has a negative impact on climate change, emission / exposure to hazardous substances that pollute the air not only breathe but also further impact on the emergence of the greenhouse effect, resulting in an increase in the average temperature on our planet. More and more vehicles and more and more industries are a source of air pollution also means more then the impact that leads to Global Warming (Global Warming).

Air pollution can not only be a member a negative effect on climate change, he also had a negative impact on the ozone layer, ozone layer we shrink, making it thinner, thus opening the doorway for harmful ultraviolet rays and increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Acid rain is another negative effect of air pollution on our environment. Acid rain damage the habitat of many animals, pollute the water by influencing their acidity, and generally do major damage to many ecosystems.

Now that we know the adverse effects arising from air pollution, then the question is what will we do to at least minimize it and make the earth a better place to live and the air we breathe cleaner. Maybe we can help to reduce the use of motor vehicles or for those who use the car to think about switching to this type of hybrid cars then we can begin to use environmentally friendly energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal (geothermal) and reduce the use of energy derived from fuel fossil (fossil fuel) such as coal and fuel oil (BBM). Now we only bias hope that everyone will be aware of to better the environment, and doing the little things that can help make our environment better, and we also hope that the government should take care to issue policies and programs concerned with preservation of our environment and reduce or even stop a devastating exploration of our ecosystems.

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